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We will be glad to file any health insurance policy as a courtesy to the patient. We will have contracts to be preferred providers in the area. These contracts include Medicare, Mississippi and Louisiana Medicaid, as well as most managed care companies.
By providing a seamless communication for patients between physicians and the Riverpark services, we can increase the information provided to the doctor allowing for higher quality services.
Additionally patients waiting time for surgeries is reduced, imaging tests can be schedules more quickly and results obtained faster allowing earlier diagnosis and therapy if needed. The all under one roof concept allows patients to see several specialists at one location.
Practice trends indicate Multi -service Ambulatory Care Centers attract specialists. Specialists enjoy practicing in a synergistic facility and are attracted to the convenience of state-of-the-art outpatient surgery and the latest imaging equipment.
Our market is a 50-mile radius of the Natchez-Vidalia area. This covers areas from Roxie to Winnsboro and every household in between.
Of Course! We need full service hospitals in our market to support patients who need hospitalization. Our physicians are on staff at these hospitals and we support our community. Outpatient treatment such as Riverpark is also a well-recognized necessity in communities and we are pleased to fill that void in our area.
No, but here's why you may want to. Riverpark provides you with a complete healthcare package. From physician services to outpatient care all in one location. No more traveling to other facilities for x-rays or laboratory. We have scheduling that provides you with seamless registration for any service performed. Part of this seamless registration includes your medical record. No more need to "fax" your records from one physician to another; it's all shared within the Riverpark. There is even consolidated billing!
There are circumstances that require a full service hospital and our physicians are on staff with all of the area hospitals and as always will see to it you get the care you need.
You as a patient have the right to have your services performed at the facility of your choice. Riverpark houses one of the most innovative Imaging Center's in the region. Please read our section on the Digital Imaging Center. It is our intention to provide you with information that will allow you to make an informed decision as to your own healthcare choices.
If you have questions whether the Riverpark is in your network, simply call our office.
No, your physician does not have to be affiliated with Riverpark to order services. Simply ask your physician's office to call regarding surgery scheduling or x-ray procedures (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Digital Mammography, general x-ray procedures).
Ambulatory Care Center's are not only required to have the staff and emergency services you will need, they also have arrangements with local hospitals if the for transfer should arise. Riverpark has been thoroughly inspected by the Louisiana Department of Health, Louisiana State Fire Inspection as well as inspections from Medicare. Our Anesthesia personnel are highly trained for all emergency situations.
Exactly the opposite. We can offer you the expertise and efficiency of a qualified facility without the overhead costs of larger facilities because we are focused. Medicare recognized the ability for outpatient centers to provide a higher quality care in a less expensive setting and created incentives for these centers to thrive into the future of medicine. Services cost less because we specialize in outpatient only.
We offer all physician office services that most patients are accustomed to. Imaging services complete with MRI, CT, and digital Mammography. A complete outpatient surgery center for most surgical needs. Specialties include: Internal Medicine, Gastro Intestinal, Allergies and Asthma Pulmonary, Orthopedics, Neurology, Ear, Nose and Throat, Facial Plastics, Physical Therapy. We anticipate a growing pool of specialists that will ad to our outpatient services.
This allows you and new physicians coming to the area more choices for your care. Patient convenience is enhanced. Costs to the patients and insurance companies are less than traditional hospitals. More and more insurance companies are reducing the benefits for in-hospital services. These costs can be reduced to both the patient and the insurance payors with Ambulatory Care Centers.
Many “outpatient” surgeries that do not require hospital admissions.
ASCs are some of the most highly regulated health care providers in the country. Riverpark is committed to following these stringent rules.
Riverpark's ASC has acquired the very latest equipment and is staffed with doctors and technicians with special training in operating it.
No. ASCs offer lower out-of-pocket expense to the patient and their insurance providers. (about 1/3 lower than full service hospitals).
Yes, we focus on making sure our patients' families are informed of what is taking lace by giving regular reports during procedures and conferring with family members afterward.
Yes. In many instances patients will come to the surgery center several days before their procedure for a pre-admission visit. The pre-admission nurse will spend time to help you prepare for your surgery and answer any questions you may have. A patient information booklet will be given to you with instructions about things you will need for your surgical visit. This includes what to do or not to do the day prior to surgery and what to expect the day of surgery as well as the day after. Riverpark places a lot of emphasis on orientation – both for the patient and for the patient's family – in order to reassure them and have them feel confident and comfortable.
We have a very comfortable waiting area with a panoramic view of the Mississippi River along with a private physician and patient consultation rooms.
The center is designed around patient privacy. We provide HIPAA compliance training to all personnel and have procedures that are compliant with all regulations. We have experienced business and surgery personnel who understand and respect the patients need for privacy and personal attention.
Many of the procedures our specialists perform are done on children. Riverpark provides a much more “child and family friendly” environment. Our anesthesia personnel are trained to be attentive to the special needs of children. Care has been taken to provide special areas in the surgery center for children to recover in the company of their parents.
It makes a softcopy (digital) reading of images possible, as opposed to hardcopy (film) reading. Softcopy reading makes it possible to enhance images. In addition, images are available for viewing at multiple stations at the same time. Once the images are in digital format, the brightness and contrast levels may be adjusted, and image magnification is possible. This allows your doctor to see more than they could on a standard X-ray, MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound or Mammogram.
As a patient at Riverpark Imaging Center you are entitled to a second opinion if you so desire. All you will need to do is furnish us with the physician's name and telephone number so that we can send your information to them or direct them to our web-based site to view your images and reports with a secure logon and password. If you prefer you can request to take the image data with you by signing a release of medical information and we will furnish you a copy of your information.
Our CT and MRI scanners are equipped with some of the latest technology available. They provide fast scan times and are directly linked with our PACS for easy transfer without any loss of image resolution. 
No, all systems are not the same. There are almost as many different imaging systems as there are models of cars on a showroom floor. Our MRI is a GE Signa 1.5 T. It is important to know the magnet strength when scheduling your MRI exam. Our CT scanner is a multi-array scanner capable of giving your physician more information in smaller increments if needed.
Digital mammography is a recently developed technology and we are the only site in our area with this technology. 
Digital mammography is better because it changes breast care forever with new efficiencies for physicians and peace of mind to patients through its speed, and reliable electronic information. The system at Riverpark Imaging Center has been designed to perform screening exams as well as diagnostic views. It is a complete, modular system that eliminates the need for film cassettes and takes full advantage of digital technology from on-screen image display to Networking, Filming and Archiving.
R2 or Computer Aided Detection ( CAD ) was developed to act as a “second set of eyes” for the radiologist. We are currently the only facility in our area offering this new technology with Digital Mammography. We want to provide our radiologists all of the information currently available to make the best possible diagnosis for you. This technology takes us one step closer to improving early detection of breast cancer.
As a health care consumer you have the right to have your mammograms done wherever you choose. All you need to have is a prescription or order from your physician with a diagnosis or reason for the exam. It is better to call ahead for an appointment and if needed we can phone your physician for the order.
If you are over 40 it is recommended to get a mammogram every 1 to 2 years. If there is a family history of breast cancer then you need to speak with your physician and determine your personal schedule for breast health.
At Riverpark Imaging Center we prefer that your physician call to schedule an appointment so that we may obtain all the medical history information we need before performing the exam. However, you may schedule your test but you will need to bring the prescription or order from your physician when you come to have the exam done.
You need to call (318) 336-2220 and we will assist you in determining exactly what steps should be taken to schedule your exam at Riverpark Imaging Center.
If a breast sonogram is needed that will be determined by your physician and the radiologist.
Besides pregnancies, ultrasound is used to image the gallbladder, liver, kidneys, pancreas, uterus, ovaries, prostate, testicles, thyroid and breasts. Ultrasound can also look at and listen to the blood flow within arteries and veins in the neck, abdomen and legs and the valves and chambers of your heart. Additionally, ultrasound is becoming increasingly important in surgery as a visual aide to the surgeon. Ultrasound is one of the most quickly growing diagnostic tools. Clinicians around the world are constantly finding new applications for ultrasound systems.
3D Ultrasound is an advanced technology that provides a clear image of the part being examined. It allows the physician to see the part as it would normally appear in the body.
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