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Riverpark Medical Center is a Multi-service Ambulatory Care Center, often called an Outpatient Center. From the quality of care to the administrative coordination, our facility is totally designed with a "Patient Comes First" focus.

With the latest technologies just down the hall, Riverpark provides convenience, cost effectiveness, and an unparalleled level of excellence once reserved for big city healthcare. Riverpark offers everything that a full service hospital offers except overnight hospital beds and an emergency room. We accept all major medical insurances in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Riverpark's facility includes an Ambulatory Surgery Center and a Digital Imaging Center offering the latest technology, an on site Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy Center and a Multi-specialty Clinic with Board Certified physicians. Our ever growing pool of medical specialists, means we will all continue to benefit from an increasing diversity of service in every area of medicine.

Our Facility

Riverpark is scenically situated on the levee of the Mighty Mississippi River in Vidalia, Louisiana. From the Vidalia Landing, the towering bluffs of historic Natchez, Mississippi, just across the river and the bridge that links the two towns afford patients and staff a beautiful backdrop for their healthcare setting. Directly adjacent to Vidalia's River Walk is our ample parking area with entrances on both the east and west sides, providing space for more than 200 vehicles. A Riverpark greeter is always available with a golf cart to assist the elderly and disabled in coming in and out of the complex.

In keeping with our "Patient Comes First" creed, the reception areas all overlook the river. The patient rather than the physicians enjoy the striking view.

Benefits of Ambulatory Care Centers

• Ambulatory Care Centers counter loss of patients and physicians to metropolitan areas.
Lack of equipment, technology, convenience and access to specialists within smaller town healthcare delivery systems cause patients and physicians alike to seek out larger markets. Riverpark provides the latest technology, an incentive for patients and physicians alike to choose our local healthcare options.

• Ambulatory Care Centers control healthcare costs.
As a result of patients leaving town for their care and ever changing insurance reimbursement rules which favor outpatient procedures, healthcare costs go up, forcing the local hospitals in the area into charges which are among the highest in the State of Mississippi. As a result, Riverpark ‘s services are significantly more cost effective.

• Ambulatory Care Centers recruit physicians.
Riverpark's services and commitment to healthcare excellence will be a huge draw for any specialist considering establishing a practice in our beautiful area. Access to affordable, state-of-the-art ambulatory care services and technology makes it possible for specialists to set up a practice cost effectively.

Our Mission, Philosophy and Vision

The Patient Comes First

It is our goal to provide the highest quality healthcare to our patients utilizing qualified specialists, personalized service, and state of the art resources.

Our decisions are driven by the philosophy that our patients are given the highest priority. We strive to provide both patient and staff a pleasant setting where cost-efficient healthcare can be received and delivered.

We envision a growing center of specialists who offer an increasing diversity of services from all fields of medicine and surgery. We aspire to elevate the level of healthcare delivery for our entire region and aim for nothing less than to provide an outpatient medical center that might serve as a model for others.