The Riverpark Ripple - Vol. 1 - Issue 2 January 22, 2018
Hello Visitor,

In this issue of the Riverpark Ripple, we will answer a few questions that you might have about an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) and specific questions you might have about Riverpark Ambulatory Surgery Center.
What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

Ambulatory Surgery Centers are licensed by the state Department of Health and Hospitals.  They must abide by all of the guidelines established for hospital surgery areas.  They are an outpatient surgery center but perform many of the same surgical procedures as a hospital.
Riverpark Ambulatory Surgery Center is your local outpatient surgery center in which approximately 400 cases are completed each month.  Those cases include colonoscopies, orthopedic cases, pain management procedures, cataract removal, tonsillectomies, sinus surgery, dental procedures, breast biopsies, and other surgical procedures.  Riverpark Surgery Center has 3 operating rooms as well as preop and recovery suites.
Karen Martin, as Director of Nursing, leads the clinical employees.  Her staff includes 6 RN’s, 4 LPN’s, and 2 scrub techs.  Geri Babin heads the business office.  She supervises 4 other business office employees.
Why should a patient have surgery as an outpatient rather than at the hospital?
There are 3 main reasons that Riverpark ASC can typically offer a patient a better experience than a hospital:
1. Outpatient procedures can usually be scheduled more quicklyl than in a hospital.  Because it is outpatient, you can recuperate at home.

2. Statistics support the fact that outpatient surgery centers have a lower infection rate than   hospitals.
3. Procedures done in Ambulatory Surgery Centers are less expensive than the same procedures done in a hospital. According to a study by Healthcare Bluebook, people receiving surgery at an ASC overall save $5 billion every year in out-of-pocket costs. That means if you have insurance that requires a co-pay or deductible, you can save money having your procedure done at Riverpark Ambulatory Surgery Center. 

Can any surgeon perform surgery at Riverpark Ambulatory Surgery Center?

Our doctors are fully credentialed to perform procedures done at Riverpark Medical Center. The following doctors currently are credentialed at Riverpark:  Dr. Rus Fairbanks, Dr. Barry Tillman, Dr. Randy Tillman, Dr. John White, Dr. Geoffrey Flattmann, Dr. Aaron Smith, Dr. Doug Smith and Dr. Chad Norton, Dr. David Carlton.  All of these physicians are Board Certified in their areas of specialty.   

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