The Riverpark Ripple - Vol. 1 - Issue 1 January 22, 2018
Hello Visitor,

We are writing to you because you are part of the Riverpark family.  We want to introduce you to The Riverpark Ripple, our new e-mail newsletter for Riverpark patients.

The Riverpark Ripple will include information about the Riverpark’s physicians and employees. It will explain the services offered at Riverpark and tell you about changes in healthcare.  We want to help you live a healthy lifestyle by providing information through The Riverpark Ripple
We promise this e-mail address, that you gave to Riverpark, will not be given to anyone else.  Your address will remain completely confidential.

In this, our first issue of The Riverpark Ripple, we want to introduce to you all of the Riverpark healthcare services.

On the first floor, we have the Riverpark Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) and the Riverpark Imaging Center.  In the Ambulatory Surgery Center, outpatient surgery is performed every day, Monday through Friday. In the ASC, Riverpark physicians perform colonoscopies, tonsillectomies, pain management epidurals, breast lumpectomies, carpal tunnel surgery, cataract surgery, and many other procedures.  We will explain these surgeries, and others, in more detail in future issues of the Riverpark Ripple.  We are proud to offer these outpatient services with more convenience to you and greater cost-effectiveness than most hospitals.  In this way, Riverpark makes health care easier for you and helps contain health care costs, while assuring the highest quality of care.
The Riverpark Imaging Center offers MRI’s, CT scanning, ultrasound, mammography, bone density, and x-rays.  Through these services, and timely professional interpretations of your images, you are assured to receive rapid, accurate, and cost-effective diagnoses when you are in need of health care.

Riverpark Medical Center’s second floor provides the offices of four board certified physicians, including Dr. John White with the Head and Neck Clinic, Dr. Rusty Fairbanks with the Fairbanks Orthopedic Center, the Tillman Medical Group with Dr. Randy Tillman and Dr. Barry Tillman, and The Riverpark Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy facility with Mr. Michael Wimberly, PT.  The Tillman Medical Group, with specialists in internal medicine, pulmonology, and gastroenterology is also supported by two Nurse Practitioners, Angela LeTard, CNP, and Lisa Cazalot, CNP, and an additional staff of eleven health professionals.  The Head and Neck Clinic includes audiology services offered by Charlene Smith, MS, CCC-A, and two additional health care professionals. The Fairbanks Orthopedic Center includes a staff of five health professionals and works closely with Riverpark Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy.    These providers are available to help you with illnesses and injuries.  They also provide physicals, wellness checks, and work physicals.  In future issues of the Ripple, we will tell you more about these Riverpark health care providers who, together, make your Riverpark Medical Center the Center of Medical Excellence.

Thank you allowing Riverpark Medical Center to care for your health issues.  We hope you will allow us to help you if any health needs arise in the future.

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